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2006-10-25 - 5:14 p.m.

I had to attend a boring university workshop today. I've already got a degree and I know that in order to get my licence for this new job I have to complete another bugger.

I'm fucked off with it all already.

A part of me was aware that I was being quite rude but I simply couldn't stop myself. I fidgetted, stuck my pencil in my ear, tried to hang a glass off the pencil which was protruding from my ear (it was all too heavy), did the big heavy breathing thing which told everyone that I was pissed off with all their assinine questions (we could be going home early if the same 3 people would keep their stupid gobs shut!) and generally doodled over everything. Oh, and I made a flower out of a papery thing that mops up tea spills or something.

I can feel myself frowning now about the people who continually talked. There are 3, maybe 4 people in the group who absolutely LOVE themselves and love the sounds of their own voices and feel the need to share how the FEEEEEEEEEEL about everything and how everything relates back to themselves/their experiences or their home life. Sorry, but I don't give a fuck about the ins and outs of you and your bloody kid. I don't care about your childcare issues and how your domestic situation is affecting how you study. I don't care about fucking HARRY and his stupid Victorian day at school or how you made a life choice to remain a single parent and the safety measures you put in place so that your kids are always safe. I further don't care that you've never been a student before or that you have worked for this employer in a lesser capacity in the past and are able to refer to things by their initials in an attempt to make yourself look more important.

I'm ranting aren't I?

Sorry, I just sat opposite my main tormentor for 7 hours and I think that my hand has become a fucking claw. The vein in my temple is threatening to explode and my teeth have ground to powder.

...apart from that, she's a nice woman

can you believe I just typed that?

My other tormentor sat quite close and I was aware that I studied her face with a cold, dead expression. I looked at her face for so long I actually imagined myself rising from my seat, walking across to her and putting one square into her stupid mouth. THIS one is the main 'Look at me, look at me everyone' girl. She will do or say ANYTHING in order for all the eyes in the room to fall on her. Of course, in a class photograph, my eyes would be those of the murderous psychopath in the background. I'm a really hateful person at the moment but you know something? I don't give a sailing shit.


Do I feel better now? Now, reliving the past 7 hours has bought it all back to me in glorious techinicolour. So much for purging the soul.

That's it I guess. I am toying with the idea of putting my hair into dreads. I've looked up how to do it, I can get the specialist stuff I need and Phoe is willing. Only problem is, if I look a right nob I'll have to cut all my hair off!


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