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2006-05-22 - 9:51 p.m.

Ah, I might have spoken too soon.....

(she said with a sickening inevitability)

...and even the troll was horrified at the turn of events :(

....one woman ran away from me 'cause she thought the car was about to explode.

....the AA man pissed himself laughing at the 'Boldly Going Nowhere' sticker on the back of my beloved Beetle as it was towed away

....he hit the underneath with a fuck-off big hammer

....Phoe's Dad called up to worry about how we were all going to go out for a meal on his birthday if I was carless (selfish, selfish)

....the little orange bastard :(

ps. Thank you for saying nice things of support (apart from you Spacepope) when we all thought that good things were coming my way. My nemesis Fate must be pissing itself with laughter

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