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2005-10-17 - 7:15 p.m.

God I'm a lazy cow.

I try to be fit but I, deep down, just want to lie around in my pajamas all day stinking and eating crap. When I went to the gym yesterday (and cried internally to myself as I worked out)I enquired about the Martial Combat class on a Monday night. Apparently it's like a tough aerobics class using padding and punching (which sounds weird to me) but because the beginners class starts just as I'm leaving work I signed up to the Intermediate/Advanced class.

What a cretin.

All day long I cursed myself for wanting to do the right thing and be fit and healthy. Heck, my body likes being a lazy sod, It's good at it and it's really the only thing I've ever excelled at in life. I could win gold medals for this country if being an idle swine were an olympic non-sport. I was running on the treadmill yesterday, a growing pain in my chest as the high power 'hold everything down' bra failed miserably, having my usual internal dialog with myself

What you doin Sket?

Getting fit so that I have a healthy body and mind and so that I don't humiliate myself if I do get into THE INTENDED JOB

...but it hurts, you can't breathe and you suspect that it's actually killing you really don't you?

no, shut up internal Sket, I'm not listening. La-La-La-La I'm not listening-hum, hum HUM Hum dum de dum


Cake? Where?


(See Sket in full Homer Simpson mode complete with open mouth and drool)

No Internal bad Sket, I will overcome you. I am running and when I've finished I'll eat some vegetables and brown rice because it's GOOD for me and nourishes my body and brain boo-hoo-hoo. Rice, good wholesome brown rice boo-hoo-hoo. Get thee behind me unhealthy Sket

So I had some freakin nuts and raisins and felt guilty. I did actually have a carrot cake in my hands at one stage and evil Sket would have won if Phoe hadn't happened by and reminded me that I was supposed to be being healthy.

In other (less depressing news): Wazza seems to be on the mend unless he's lying to us. PHOE seems to be on the mend and the extra bonus is that we haven't tried to kill each other since 1.36pm yesterday. Oh, and I erm, bottled the martial combat fitness group.......... :)

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