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2006-02-15 - 11:00 a.m.

Heh heh, how is it that once you've come home sick from work you feel like you could dance the pogo all night.

I felt like shit earlier (and it was my 24 hour shift) and I guess that once my boss looked a bit concerned my illness intensified until it would seem that they would have to call a hearse to take me home. Truly amazing are the healing powers of that little phrase 'why don't you go home'. I could barely keep the sly smile of triumph from creeping across my mouth and I wanted to laugh out loud as I staggered across to my car.

That all sounds terrible though doesn't it? I do genuinely feel rough, I just feel happy that I haven't got to face the world.

In other news: I've got an interview to become a Probation Officer on Monday. Only problem is, I feel like shite at the moment and if I can't throw it off I am going to blow another interview and I can't afford to! I've got to give a presentation also and believe me, that is something I could do without. It's got to be on 'The Causes of Crime'. Fortunately I have a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice AND I still have my text books! Wa-hoo!

....of course, having the degree I shouldn't need the text books should I?

Heck, I know the basics, I just can't quite remember everything. There is social exclusion, the government making things suddenly illegal, erm.... drugs, loads of reasons for youth crime and erm, the broken window syndrome. Shit, better prepare properly so I don't look a complete and utter twat in front of the panel.

...and that's me. I decided to re-invent myself by the way but procrastination got the better of me and I decided to think about the reinvention rather than reinvent. I did get some brightly coloured hair-falls (she said weakly) so I can hippy myself up a bit

Probably not a good idea if I am going to try to become a proper person again really is it? I think it's best I don't put blue string and beads in my hair until AFTER the interview.....

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