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2005-02-04 - 6:00 p.m.

Well, I haven't much to say today

Makes a change for you Sket!


Anyhoo, all that happened today was that I drove Phoe to the local hospital so that she could have a couple of moles removed. My Mom is due back from holiday (I've missed her) and Nigel (who cancelled the last run) is due to come for me tonight so that we can start preparing for the 6 week run up until I can reapply for THE INTENDED JOB. All the other times I've said that he's coming for me have turned out to be false alarms due to cancellation or lack of motivation. This is it tho - the real start of me ending my couch-potatotude. Shit :(

So, here's a competition for you:


Be as creative as you like and I expect nothing but smut from Weezil or Spacepope :)

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