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2005-11-14 - 12:06 a.m.

So the ghost walk was a big pile of steaming shit.

I can't be bothered to read back in my diary to see if I'd mentioned it previously so if I did then I'm sorry for repeating myself and if I didn't then I went on a ghost walk around a lonely moor and lighthouse. We were really excited especially as it was a miserable, blustery night which we figured would make the atmosphere wonderful.

....that was until we pulled up at the assigned meeting place and there were LOADS of people waiting.

SEVENTY FIVE people turned up and boy did we know about it:

"Ooh, me hairs getting wet"

"Haha, aren't we mad heh, I could be at home tucked up in the warm watching Eastenders now, haha, I'm so mad I am"

no you're not, you're a saddo like Rick out of the Young Ones who wants to be seen as cool and a bit mad but you are in fact a fucking loser who has to announce your perceived 'nuttiness' to all and sundry which makes you look really wank

...sigh, I'm not a very nice person am I? There were just SO many people there complaining about the cow shit, the rain, giggling about how dark it was (IT'S A FUCKING MOOR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, NOT NEW STREET STATION AT RUSH HOUR!), taking an age to climb over the stiles and having 'aren't we mad' type conversations whilst the bloke was trying to tell us about the local ghosts, wreckers, murders and ship wrecks. Phoe and I loved it but there were simply too many people and the guy had only assigned an hour to the trek before we were all supposed to go to the 16th Century pub for the meal and continued ghost stories. Unfortunately it took so long to get everyone around the walk I could feel how hassled he was getting and the ghost stories were a bit light on the ground in the end which was a bit of a shit.

The meal was ok but the rest of the ghost stories were a bit crap and weren't particularly about the local area which was a fantastic opportunity wasted if you ask me. We've read the books on local ghosts and there are LOADS from that area, he just didn't seem to use them.

In summary, an ok night out but a brilliant idea not fully realised or organised properly.

Ho hum.

...and other than that I've got no real, interesting news to share I guess. We should be getting our new kitchen fitted within the next few days, I'm back at work tomorrow (grumpy sigh; the weekends go so quickly)and I had an email from my poor friend 'K' who was left behind in call centre hell, telling me that 'J' the fat girl who for some reason thought she was really hot despite having a face like a farmer's arse and a Rod Stewart hair cut is pregnant at 19. This was the girl who used to bring what was akin to the last supper to work every day and spread the food all over her desk and devour it completely. She even ordered an entire pizza to be delivered to herself at work and ate that whole thing too! I couldn't believe it and now I discover SOMEONE SHAGGED HER but no one shagged me? Is it because I am pathologically evil? hidiously ugly? Giving off too many 'fuck off' vibes? Giving off desperation vibes perhaps? (actually I think that the f.o. vibes are most likely if I know myself at all). I mean, even Hitler got shagged so why am I in a shag famine?

...sigh, even when I WAS getting it, it wasn't much good so I don't know what I'm complaining about ;)

Oh yeah, the pregnant 19 year old - her mother won't stop crying, her Father isn't happy at all and the bloke who got her up the duff? Sodded off of course. What a situation to be in heh?

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