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2005-10-24 - 10:14 p.m.

Blimey, I threw the cold off! When I was working at the last place I'd have been half dead by now. I always suspected that the place was diseased. According to my poor friend 'K' who is still trapped there, the toilets were ripe again today and everyone is dead-eyed and miserable. She's got a 9 day straight shift now and I thank the stars that I got outta there before I went totally insane:

Anyhoo, Phoe bailed out of going swimming with me this evening so I went on my own and actually had a pretty good time swimming lengths and feeling virtuous. I pretty much did the breast-stroke for an hour, up and down, avoiding annoying children or speed swimmers, whilst thinking about how lifted and pert my boobs were going to be if I did indeed continue to do this twice a week. Here's my new schedule:

Monday: 1 hour swimming
Tuesday: 1 and half hours yoga
Wednesday: 1 hour swimming
Thursday: 1 hour 'bums n tums' class
Friday: Go for a run until I am fed up
Saturday & Sunday: aprox 1 hour each day at the gym concentrating on cardio work.

There, that should make me fit and take my mind off how much or little I am eating. I find it's always good to take your mind away from obsessions whenever possible.

Oh yeah, before I go, it took a hell of a lot of doing, but I defy ANYONE to shock a cat so much it's eyes get any bigger or more far apart than this:

..and finally, I love Kate Bush but I have to say that I think her new single is a pile of shite. Sounds like an album track that you fast forward over.......

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