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2006-01-26 - 4:35 p.m.

So Barry the Gerbil has got an ear infection and I feel like a right bastard!

You might know gerbils, they box with each other and as Barry is a bit of a sad-sack of a gerbil (fat and really gentle and perhaps a bit simple)when I saw his ear bleeding I figured that Simon (his brother) had beaten him up a bit. They were fine so I decided to keep my eye on them both.

This was a few weeks ago. Every now and again there would be dried blood coming from Barry's ear and I eventually reckoned that he must be scratching it himself and causing himself the injury. He didn't show any sign of distress and was, well, just being a gerbil I guess. Anyhoo, I took him to the vet and he's got a bite that's gone bad and his whole little ear is swollen and closed up. Ever feel like a right neglectful bastard in front of a cute Irish vet? He was great tho and we're sorting the fat little git out now. It was funny actually, watching this guy with big hands trying to look down an ear that was no bigger than the petal of a flower.....

I like big hands, I can imagine..... (cough) better stop right there!

Wonder if he wants a concubine? Or a porcupine, I don't mind if he's a bit kinky :)

What am I talking about? I don't bloody know. Rambling like an asshole again of course. The Bob Collective (my worms) don't seem to have made much headway thru all the food I've given them. Another on-line friend said that they'd all be dead in a week, what with my culinary skills and all. I was deeply offended but y'know? I think he might be right - I haven't seen 1 of 'em today!

Shit :(

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