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2006-02-02 - 5:37 p.m.

Sigh, what a couple of days:

Firstly I had my nightmare 24 hour shift at work and broke my police raid virginity. Yep, 12.15am the cops came a knockin' in their 'hoolie' van and ended up removing an underage runaway who was hiding out in one of the rooms. Such a bollocking this kid got it was unbelievable. When they had gone it was my turn to bollock the resident who'd broken several rules and who may now end up evicted (altho I doubt it). For my sins, I've swapped a shift with one of the other guys and I'm doing the Friday night sleep over too now.

Other than that, Phoe called me up crying saying that she'd been on ebay and the guy who'd abducted her/murdered his previous victim et al had a painting up for sale on ebay! The moron selling it reckons he's selling it 'for a friend who doesn't know how to work ebay' which I read as 'the scumbag criminal who isn't allowed to sell his shit on ebay'.

Fortunately, one of my on-line friends checked thru ebay policy and found:

"eBay may also, in its discretion and out of respect for the families of murder victims, remove listings of items closely associated with individuals notorious for committing murderous acts within the last 100 years, such as personal belongings of such criminals, letters or artwork created by such criminals, or novelty items that bear the name or image of the criminal."

I've issued a complaint as have many of my other friends so hopefully they will use their discretion wisely and remove the listing.


...and finally, y'know that my old Bug failed it's MOT and the garage wouldn't touch it? Well, I took it to the alternative garage today, they've looked at it and despite the book running at the quote being anything between 1000-1500 (I thought I was going to vomit), it came in at 'no more than 600 which is bad enough but it sure ain't no grand and a half!

Colour me relieved in that respect with a few fighting flashes (to do with the scumbag) and a few blotches of a stoopid colour to represent my idiotic decision to do the Friday sleep-over....

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