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2006-02-05 - 10:42 p.m.

Appauled at the painting by the murderer/psycho on ebay, one of my internet pals trawled thru the rules and regs and found a really good clause to get them to remove it. We staged a campaign of firing off complaints from all our worldwide destinations (well, UK, US and Australia) and within 24 hours the thing, which was up to 225, was removed. Phoe was so relieved and it was good to see her calm again. It was bad enough to see the work of that that bastard up there without it being around the anniversary of it all happening for godsake!

Anyhoo. I haven't read my previous entries so I can't remember if I told you or not - last wednesday's overnight shift at work resulted in a police raid and the overnight shift I did Friday resulted in me catching a couple of non-residents climbing out of a window out of hours which will cause a great deal of shit for the actual resident. I have never seen anyone shit themselves so much at the sight of me and I have never heard so many bullshit lies to cover for someone in my life. I guess that when I get into THE INTENDED JOB this will be a regular thing.

...and other than that I've got nothing else to report. Oh yeah, Phoe got me a fantastic scrying bowl. Shame I'm shit at scrying :)

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