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2005-01-24 - 10:45 p.m.

Why can't I have uninterrupted sex dreams? I have had SO MANY dreams where I'm about to get down to it and then the phone has started to ring or the doorbell has chimed. It's like my dreams are psychic and set themselves up purposely for disappointment! I only ask 'cause Phoe had a fully fledged mucky dream about her chiropractor (who is apparently rather cute) last night. One of the only successful mucky dreams I ever had was with TOM BAKER aka - the mad Dr Who and that must have been 15 years ago..... I don't know why I dreamt about him, I didn't even watch the show! Anyhoo, Phoe says that it was great and that she doesn't think she could ever face her chiropractor again. Being a girl I had to ask the most important question:

"...so, did he have a big one?"

"Well (she said enthusiastically) it was a nice one. Very smooth and clean and it had a little round brush on the side"

"His dick did?"

"Yeah, it was like a little circular nail brush on a wooden base and it was attached to his willy near the end....."


...I think I'll stick with the memory of Tom Baker to be honest...

Anyhoo, moving swiftly onto other news, there is a lot going on over the next few day in Sketty world and I'm getting anxious already (silly cow). Tomorrow I give blood/continue with my computer course (Apparently the blokes there are impressed with the speed I whizzed through Excel/am whizzing through Access. They are all a bit piss easy actually so I don't understand why these blokes are so surprised. Then again, there is an ancient woman there who has to keep being reminded about how to click the mouse). Then, Thursday I have a meeting with some bloke from the Probation Service. He's going to give me loads of info on how to ensure that I get through when they start their national recruitment campaign in March (if I'm not sorted by then). Friday is Procurement interview day, the Monday after is Prison Service Graduate Scheme interview day and the day after that I am meeting up with the local police trainers who are going to kick ass and find out why I wasn't accepted into the Force back in September when I have so much knowledge/important experience, such relevant qualifications and have worked in uniform on the streets getting generally hassled by an unappreciative public. I still can't get over that y'know, I came out of that interview flying as I felt that it went so well. Still, we'll discuss all of my feedback and sort something out next Tuesday.

Went to see White Noise at the pictures too. Phoe thought it was good, I thought it was a bit shite actually. If anyone's interested in electronic voice phenomena they can check out my very first (or is it the second?) diary entry from before I started updating regularly. I was living in Cambridgeshire back then and had some really freaky weird stuff going on. I haven't read it for years myself so I'll go back and see what I said and if necessary I will give you a full low-down next entry...

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