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2005-10-16 - 12:53 a.m.

Below is the latest pic of me and Phoe, it was taken tonight just before we went out for a nice Italian meal at our fave restaurant.

We actually had a muted row about her reluctance to get out of bed before mid-day every day and my grumpiness. It escalated to the misery of last Christmas and moving closer to home and how much I hate this fucking place.

Great huh?

My toes actually curled when she insisted that we clear the air and tell each other 5 things that we hate about the other. Well, perhaps it wasn't exactly hate, but 5 things that piss us off about the other. That kind of thing is always a recipe for disaster and I just left it at the bed thing and the neediness which she argued with me about. She picked out my grumpiness and how much I snap at her to which I said it was because I have a deep unhappiness within me about our situation and how we have shut ourselves away for everyone. She no longer wants to move away to the area close to my friends and family because she believes it to be too close to Birmingham. I fucking knew this would happen and I finally told her that everything was always about HER and what SHE wants. It seems that tonight we did actually tell each other things that needed telling. Phew.

We love each other in a sisterly way and we drive each other crazy and that's normal. You gotta clear the air sometimes.

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