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2005-02-15 - 9:21 p.m.

Well, it's official, I am a new citizen of the UK:

New Citizen

Everything went according to plan, the controversial DJ called up just as I was leaving the house to say that he couldn't come and was pissed off 'cause he thought it would be a laugh. He'd forgotten it was half term and wouldn't have anywhere to dump his kid during the ceremony. I hoped he wouldn't come as he likes to cause trouble for the Council and is very well known there. He has invited me onto his late night phone-in show later on tonight which I could do without but I said I'd just call up and chat about shit until other calls start rolling in. He knows Phoe and I quite well and has asked if we will come into the studio and guest tomorrow night. Phoe is going to go on and talk about crime/being a victim and I'll just sit and try not to get involved. We've got to be there for 10.30pm and I'm usually getting grumpy and tired by then (even though I won't sleep until after 2am).

Anyhoo, there were 6 of us getting 'done' today and it was all very formal and stuff. I was asked if I wanted to swear or pledge my allegiance, not really knowing the difference I chose to pledge and ended up the only one having to read that bit out when it came down to that part. I still don't know what I was on about...

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