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2005-03-29 - 2:37 a.m.

I just discovered that it's been AGES since I last posted a diary entry and to be honest I haven't got anything to tell you all.

I suppose it'll just have to be my dream last night:

In brief, I was in a very large and dark house and there was a room near the top of the house that contained 4 evil entities. I remember having to creep about so's I didn't disturb these things (which were laid out in a row on an old fashioned large wooden kitchen table thing). I don't remember much more apart from having to kill one of these entities which just appeared to be a giant head. I was told to smack it on the back of it's head (even tho it WAS just a head) with a hammer and then boil the whole thing in a big pot with a lid.

Ever seen the animated Japanese film 'Spirited Away'? I love it by the way, but the head I had to boil was like one of the 3 giant heads in this film I guess (or that's where I got it from perhaps).

I sound like a right mentaller don't I? Hire 'Spirited Away' that's all I can say. There's no head boiling; I don't know where my fevered brain got that bit from and I just KNOW that there will not be any mention of it in any normal dream analysis book. Anyhoo, back to the film - I sat through the Japanese version, unable to move 'cause I had to read all the subtitles. A week later it came on Sky Movies again and had been dubbed English! Why the heck didn't they put on the dubbed version when I was watching it for 2+ hours and got nothing done in case I missed something important!!!!!

Pah, another example of MY LIFE

Oops, that wasn't very positive of me. I keep forgetting to be postive and I also keep complaining bitterly about idiot people. This trying to be a 'nice' person just ain't me :(

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