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2006-08-17 - 12:39 p.m.

Email received at work yesterday:

"Stace, Mrs Jacobs called to say that someone has done a big poo outside the communal door at (insert address) and she wants to know what to do about it. She said it was too big to belong to a dog."

Heck man, who knew their working life could be so blessed with stuff like this on a near daily basis. I'm sure gonna miss the place when I'm forced to shaft my new colleagues and move on at the end of September.

I'm on site at the moment and signing up a load of new tenants for a brand new property we built. Most people have been so happy but one homeless bloke (note the word HOMELESS) started to kick off at me because he didn't have a fucking parking space! He also didn't like having to sign a declaration that he wasn't going to get pissed and cause nuisance to anyone and he certainly didn't like the fact the property is all electric. Fuck me, you just can't please some people!

"That's what Jesus said sir" (sorry, had to get my Python tribute in there somewhere)

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