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2006-03-30 - 11:47 p.m.

Well, I knew that my nemesis The Fates wouldn't let me get away from the hostel from hell that easily. I knew things were going just that little to 'swimmingly' for me. I guess I should tell you about last Saturday night - the night after my last entry of self congratulation to myself:

Picture it: My shift was 5pm-Sleep over (ie. off duty at 10am the next day). I took over from Ben who felt like shit and handed over that everything had been really quiet and as the residents had played up BIG TIME the night before, they would probably be quiet tonight.


Oh Benjy, Benjy, Benjy - this is MY life we're talking about and I am on the count down towards finishing at this place for good. I can actually SEE the finishing post and oh, it looks so sweet.....

So, almost as soon as he had gone the loud music started. Is it too loud I wonder to myself? Should I be a killjoy and tell whoever to turn the racket down? I mean, the music is pure and unadulterated crap (she said, sounding like an old fart) but is that justification for telling them to turn it down? I decide to ignore it.

THEN my assigned resident (the fantasist) came into the office with a face like a slapped arse. He's got a problem with another resident and they hate each other. He reckons the other guy should be evicted (heck, I reckon the guy should be evicted but he's still not worked his way through the entire warning system yet and it's not my place to discuss shit like that with this guy. His solution, if the other kid isn't getting evicted is for staff to stay up and PATROL the place all night without even attempting to get any sleep. I could not help but laugh in this guys face and tell him that I was neither paid enough or prepared to carry out a 25 hour shift without any rest (this is what I do on a wednesday). He then decided to lose his temper, phone his mother and complain that I was being unreasonable! That and the other crap in his life that he was blaming the rest of the world for (and not taking responsibility for his own laziness) meant that I chucked him out the office. No sooner had I done that then I received 2 phone calls from other hostels saying that they'd received prank calls from our resident's payphone.


Went and gave the 2 culprits a bollocking. One completely ignored me, the other laughed like a moron and I'm rather afraid that I, in a very 'un-pc' way asked him if he was some kind of moron before stalking off to the office.


Moron-boy proved my point by walking past the office window with a black bag of rubbish that clanked like every empty bottle of beer in the world was in it. Considering the hostel is supposed to be dry and drugs free I am surprised that HE was surprised when I went up to his room and informed him that I had just caught him with evidence of alcohol consumption on hostel premises and that it would be logged and bought up in the staff meeting. Well, to say that he kicked off was an understatement. He is normally so mild mannered that his sudden aggressive outburst, personal insults and near screaming in my face was somewhat of a shock. I won't go into the fight that ensued but I will say that I was disappointed in myself 'cause for a moment I rose to it and started to insult him back in a more sophisticated way until I realised that I was using wit against an unarmed cretin.

Shaken, I walked away from that one and all was quiet until 2am when I heard lots of noise in the hostel. Upon investigation I could barely see thru the cannabis smoke (the hostel is also supposed to be drug-free!). I chucked out the out of hour guests that weren't supposed to even be there and told the residents to take their shit away from the hostel if they were going to continue. They did. Unfortunately they went and stood outside and ended up joining in with a near riot outside as a huge gang of drunken yobs passed, having a giant fight.

Had to call the cops

Didn't sleep at all that night and looked like shit all Sunday.

Did my final sleep over at the place last night. I am glad it's all over and I am also glad that the only incident was a goth spewing his guts up all over the garden outside the office window. That shift was a shit only because it was 30 hours straight.

...and one guy wanted me to stay up the whole time on the off-chance someone would knock his door and run off in the wee hours! He could kiss my arse!

AND FINALLY: I've had a horrible evening tonight. Phoe is away in Grantham and I am alone. My favourite little gerbil Barry died in my hands. He had a stroke or something a couple of weeks ago but seemed to recover really well. Tonight I found him in a bad way and it looked as tho he'd had another stroke. I held him, stroked him and tried to keep him warm hoping he would recover again. Unfortunately it was his time so I asked that he be taken swiftly and without pain. He was taken pretty swiftly but his death throws were awful, I couldn't watch in the end. As I held him he twitched violently, went stiff and his little mouth opened so widely as if he was screaming silently. He didn't make a sound so I don't think he was in pain, he was just leaving his body behind. It bloody broke my heart. I don't have much of a garden here so I guess I am going to have to sneakily bury him at work tomorrow. My legacy heh? Last day at work and I'm going to bury a dead gerbil in the grounds. I just hope to hell I don't get caught by anyone :(

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