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2005-08-29 - 9:21 p.m.

1 Dead mother, 3 sick children, 5 sick adults, 1 sick elderly dog, 1 sick horse and the urgent need to see a plumber.

Can anyone guess what the common link between these things are?

They are, in fact excuses given today by people for wanting us to find some way for them to change their sailing times to get off the Island at a different time than they had booked.

All sailings today were fully booked until 12.35am tomorrow morning and NO ONE is going to get off at any different time.

but that's ridiculous, I'M A RESIDENT!

That's all very well, but if there are no spaces on the ferry, there are no spaces on the ferry and no matter where you live it isn't going to change the fact that THERE ARE NO SPACES AVAILABLE ON THE FERRY

That's ludicrous! Are you trying to tell me that as an Islander, there is no way I can get off the Island!

I can book you onto a later sailing or you can get off the Island as a foot passenger if necessary. This is a public holiday and as an ISLANDER you must know that we get incredibly busy and that everyone is trying to get home now

yes but you save spaces for Islanders, I know very well that you do

no we don't

YES YOU DO, I know for a fact that you do!

listen, if I could get you onto the ferry do you think that I would be arguing with you now and putting myself thru unnecessary aggrivation? There IS NO AVAILABLILITY ON THE FERRY AND WE DO NOT SAVE SPACES ON THE OFF CHANCE A ISLANDER MIGHT WANT TO TRAVEL

Well that's bloody ridiculous, you'd damn well find space for me if I was an ambulance!

In a dead voice Are you an ambulance?


WELL THEN THERE ARE NO SPACES LEFT (you posh voiced, cretinous moron of a woman I wanted so much to shout)

I need days like this I really do, when I'm in the midst of some kind of mental episode and I am liable to start screeching at people who wrong me (like that cow in the last entry. I'm still not sorry for my behaviour btw)

Actually, I am going to have to start chilling or something. Phoe and I had a massive row yesterday (make that a series of massive rows) over each other's attitudes. I believe I was in the right, she believes she herself was in the right but I just don't see how she can't appreciate my side of the argument. Here is a brief run down:

I had to leave the house for work yesterday at 6.50am and I was on the way home at 5.30pm. I was knackered as I don't sleep well and it was a boiling hot day. We had a massive scooter rally in our town and basically, a large chunk of the scooterists were parked up and showing off their bikes etc on the sea front where I would need to ride my pedal bike home. It had been agreed that Phoe would pick me up from work rather than have to endure the fumes and all of the scooters riding up and down the esplanade.

Ok, so I'm on the way home and I get a text saying that she's at the pub with her dad and I should ride up and meet them for something to eat. First thing that pissed me off; so I had to choke my way thru the fumes and take my life in my hands along the sea front and then kill myself up the steep hill to the pub. Second thing that pissed me off; when I got there, sweating like a pig they were sitting out in the sun EATING THEIR DINNER ALREADY! Is it unreasonable for me to have expected them to wait for me rather than me have to sit there like a lemon watching them eat and then have to eat my own lonely dinner with them both watching me? I don't fucking think so!

It might sound trivial (heck, it IS trivial) but it's all a question of consideration/lack of if you ask me. She got upset 'cause I looked grumpy when I arrived and then decided to go home rather than sit there playing happy families in the sunshine with her and her moron of a father.

I tell you what, I don't even fucking care that I've pissed her off. I don't care that I intimidated the woman at the petrol pump, I don't care that I've been rude to customers and I don't fucking care that everyone around me is getting scared of me! Bad innit?

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