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2007-03-12 - 12:14 a.m.

I am the WORST friend in the entire world you know. Well, perhaps not THE worst friend 'cause let's face it, SOME friends shag their friend's partners behind their backs and conspire with them to bring their aforementioned friend down. SOME friends are the kind of friends who really HATE their friend and are, in effect ANTI-FRIENDS who are there with the comforting words when things are going badly for their friend but are really rather evil whenever things are going well for their friend. I call them Bad-Weather Friends.

So, we've established the extent of the shitness of my friendship - somewhere between being really rather wonderful and benevolent and being a complete and utter partner-shagging bitch queen from hell.

...shall I tell you what I did? Or rather, what I DIDN'T do?

Ok, here goes......

The majority of my friends and family live in Birmingham (UK) and well, I pretty much only get to see 'em maybe 3 times a year. Two of 'em are age old friends from when I was at college and we still do the ol' birthday/crimbo presents thing.

....and herein lies my bad friendness (is that a word?). One friend, let's call her 'Sue' for the sake of argument (and, well, because her name IS Sue) couldn't make it to our meet up at Christmas.......or was it ME who couldn't make it? Y'know, I can't even remember. Frightening isn't it? Anyhoo, we agreed that we'd mail our crimbo presents to each other. Oh yeah, and as her birthday was 12 December, I still had her birthday present to give to her too. Well, I kinda received my presents in January (and very nice they were too!) and, erm well, hers are STILL sitting in a bag in my disaster area of a bedroom.

(Between you and me, I had to DUST them today)

I've worried about not sending these frickin presents now for weeks and weeks but have I sent them? Have I hell. What the feck's wrong with me? Why do I make things harder for myself by procrastinating over STUPID stuff that can be easily rectified? I'm the biggest bloody cretin I know!

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