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2005-10-20 - 6:14 p.m.

I don't believe this - I've got ANOTHER cold coming on! This will be my 4th since April as far as I can work out. I'm gutted, I practically live on vegetables so where the freak is my immunity?

I will continue to mutter to myself under my breath for a bit longer before deciding to dose myself up and get some sleep. I suspect that I might be run down. My skin is in a mess and I haven't had more than 5 hours sleep per night for the last week. I'm a right bastard in the mornings but by the time night comes on I'm wide awake again. You'd think my body would give up the ghost and make me fall asleep on the sofa or something in order to catch up, but no, it's stubborn.

I guess that's it. New temping job is going well (I think) and everyone is still nice to me. The best thing is, I get told what to do and then left alone. It's nice to be treated like a capable adult.

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