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2005-11-25 - 12:50 a.m.

I caught myself giggling to myself out loud at my shopping tonight.

Phoe is away, the DOGS are away (she took them to her Dad's because I suspect she doesn't trust me to take care of them over night(!), the kitchen is a shell and I have no sink or oven. Everything from the kitchen is in boxes and heaps all around the place and I can't be arsed to hunt around for utensils or plates so I went to the shop and got the tiniest pizza you could imagine (made especially for the microwave) and a whole bunch of sweets. How fucking crap am I?

My shopping basket/dinner consisted of the aforementioned micro-pizza, 4 chocolate covered cornflake cakes, a bag of fruit pastiles and a bag of chews.

.....and some DIET COKE! How hysterical is that? You eat a load of crap and then insist on diet coke.

Anyhoo, because I couldn't be bothered with plates or cutlery I put the pizza straight into the microwave then burnt off all of my fingerprints by taking it out and trying to hold it in my hands for the duration of the meal (well, I call it a meal even if it's a meal in the losest posible terms). I also burnt a layer of skin from the roof of my mouth. It was horrible too.

I do have the good grace to feel sick and I haven't eaten all the cornflake thingies so I haven't been as disgusting as I could have been.

In other news: Tomorrow I have to type up the minutes of a 2 hour meeting I attended last week. My line manager asked me to get them done tomorrow - unfortunately I wrote them in shorthand and can't read the bastard back. Tomorrow will be *fun*.

I saw Kev the non-dynamic electrician again when I got home and I think he was a little weird around me so I am assuming HE HEARD me yesterday.


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