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2005-09-27 - 7:52 p.m.

Nigel is leaving. Another mate gone which is sad, our little support network is dwindling away to nothing. It's just a shame he wants to come over tonight and make me run the feckin bleep test 'for old time's sake'. For godsake, most people have a song, a restaurant, a fave place. We've got a bleeding nightmare run that kills me and makes me grumpy for hours in advance. I have driven Phoe berserk all day by growing in evil until she can't even speak to me without me practically biting her head off.

I haven't done the test since I passed (and almost died during) the fitness section for THE INTENDED JOB. Nige thinks it's funny and believes that I will only get to level 2. I scoffed over the phone and told him that I have been cycling and working out since the last time but as the time grows nearer I think he might be right; I feel wrecked before he's even arrived!

In other news: The first kitchen quote came back at 2.5k higher than we want to spend so our old mate Mark who looks like David Essex when he was still young and gorgeous came over and told us he could undercut the price by a lot. Just waiting to find out what he'll come back with now.

And Finally: One of the core reasons for my grumptitude of course concerns work. I am supposed to be on a 4 on, 4 off shift pattern, only the manager of the call centre quite often decides that I'm not and changes things unexpectedly which makes me severely grumpy and resentful. My next 4 off are supposed to be mon-thurs of next week and I booked the friday off so's I've got 5 days off in which to nip back up to Birmingham in order to see my family and friends (rather belatedly) for my birthday. K (she of the bogie traps) bought me the new rota last night and yup, I'm no longer on my expected shift pattern which has wrecked my plans.

I can't believe it but I actually phoned up and started ranting saying that I couldn't stand the place any more/I am attending interviews and the minute I've got another job I'm outta there (wonder what kind of reference I'll get after that little one?) They are so short staffed and in need of me they haven't been able to do anything other than change the rota and give me my time off. I've never really thrown my weight around like that before and it felt good. Of course, it'll all go horribly wrong and I will regret the whole incident; things always go wrong when I think I've got the upper hand.

Oh yeah, I genuinely DO have interviews to attend. Two in fact and both tomorrow so I might not be coming up to Brum after all. One is as an Underwriter for a large international insurance company, the other is thru Pertemps and is a 5 month contract doing admin for a local housing authority. Out of them both, I think I'd prefer the short contract one which will take me to February - possibly around the time I might be preparing for my new life :)

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