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2006-06-29 - 11:16 p.m.

Shit man, I've been so ill all day after accidently 'over refreshing' myself last night in celebration at getting the job. I've had a weird headache which involved sharp pains suddenly striking random parts of my head, almost as if someone was stabbing my brain with an ice pick every so often. Horrible huh?

Anyhoo, yesterday's entry which disolved into pissed up rambling; what I think I was going to say is that I owe everything to good old Pertemps.


Yep, Pertemps. No one would touch me once I'd left University, despite having been a mature student with relevent experience behind me. I eventually ended up on one of Dante's levels of hell, working in a call centre which treated everyone like dogshit - still unable to get decent work. THEN CAME PERTEMPS who found me some low level office work. My first employer decided that 'by Jove, this temp isn't an idiot!'

I then applied internally and won the temporary position as Project Worker in the young people's hostel. When that finished THEIR competition decided I was worth something and took me on and they've now given me an even better job! How brilliant is that? All it took was for someone to take a chance on me and start me off - 10 months later I'm well on my way.

That's a freakin relief I can tell you.

I treated myself to some crap off ebay and today, when I got home from work, I was really pleased to discover that my Che Guevara and my Lao Tzu finger puppets had arrived. Where would I be without my handy pocket Revolutionary or my tiny 6th Century Chinese philosopher? NO WHERE, THAT'S WHERE!

I've got a dashboard Monk too which is cool. Thinking that a Buddhist Monk on a spring will be sitting there in deep thought as I drive along is kinda comforting. Well, I think so. I won't mention the other stuff as they might make me sound like a weirdo.

(...and you wouldn't want that now Sket would you?)

No conscience I wouldn't, but I don't actually remember asking for your opinion any way so get lost.




Good, looks like that interfering git's gone.

There's just a couple of things I want to say before I go. Firstly, I've come to the conclusion that I don't think that all the supportive people at work actually truly believed that I would get this job. There is definitely a very weird atmosphere now and no one really looks me in the eye any more. How weird is that? I guess that the other woman has been there for years and their loyalty lay with her really. She's got a really strong personality and I don't think they know how to behave around me now in case they incur her wrath.

The other thing is that on first play I'm a little disappointed with the new ZUTONS album. Their first album grabbed me immediately. Hopefully this one will be a grower. The other thing is that being a bit of a hippy pagany type of tree hugger I had a passing interest in learning more of Aleister Crowley, the supposed 'wickedest man in history'. Only knowing of his reputation and not much else I read THIS expecting to be blown away and amazed. Turned out to be a crock of shit. I don't think I've ever read a more poorly written book in my life! It made someone reasonably interesting so boring that the book was relegated to the bathroom, only to be read whilst bathing. It is now twice the size and with crinkly pages where I dropped it in the water on numerous occasions. Took me bloody ages to read. I don't recommend it at all.

I'm going to bed now. My ice-pick brain syndrome is kicking in again....

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